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In order to meet the needs of these young burn victims, COANIQUEM pioneered an approach called “integrated Healing” — a holistic program that includes:

Physical healing, including plastic surgery, scar compression, and rehabilitation using exercises and special devices.

Psychological treatment of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders for both the children and the families.

Education provided to school-aged children by trained teachers, at the bedside when required by the extent of the treatment.

Spiritual support to help the children develop the inner strength and resolve necessary to deal with their injuries.

While the children are being treated at the Rehabilitation Center, COANIQUEM provides teachers so that they don’t fall behind in their studies.

The children and their parents receive free room and board at CASABIERTA, one of the facilities of COANIQUEM.

The medical treatments, the stays in CASABIERTA, food, and attendance at the hospital college are all completely free.

Thanks to an alliance of more than 20 years with the international airline LATAM, patients can travel to Chile to be treated without any cost for their air ticket.

In more than 42 years, no patients has received a bill from COANIQUEM.