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Prevention is a major facet of COANIQUEM’s mission. The following are the main types of campaigns:


Burn Prevention at home and other spaces, aimed at parents, teachers and adults in charge of children. 90% of childhood burns occur at home and in the presence of an adult, so these campaigns are essential. 

«Santi and his friends»

This campaign features «Santi» the new COANIQUEM mascot , a very cute and naughty cat, who warns children of the dangers of fireworks, hot liquids, hot objects and household hazards. The campaign was developed by the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA, and is directly aimed at children with graphic content and animated videos shown on TV, social networks and with face-to-face activities such as puppets and visits by Santi the Mascot. At the same time, new supports are being developed for this content such as global streaming and video game platforms. This program was sponsored by a UNESCO grant and has been implemented in Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras and Costa Rica.

Campaigns aimed at adolescents are firmly oriented to social media with the support of “challenges” and influencers.


COANIQUEM, together with various international organizations and the Chilean State Chancellery, intends to get the UN to generate a resolution that urges its member countries to legislate to regulate the domestic use of fireworks.The objective is, based on the Chilean law promoted by COANIQUEM, to create a model law and achieve a significant reduction in the tens of thousands of children and young people that get burned by fireworks each year around the world.

In addition to these campaigns, COANIQUEM carries out work with government authorities too, which based on its experience, regulates household objects that can produce burns in children, raising new demands for their producers. For example: electric kettles, stoves, electric items and other appliances that are related with burns in children, in order to achieve safer appliances in homes.

We have the important mission of bringing #COANIQUEM tips to everyone at home to avoid burn injuries.

Doing it is very easy! You must spread the prevention tips through your social networks and WhatsApp. This is critical in these times of Pandemic.