Where your money goes | BurnedChildren




We understand that when you make a donation, you want to know exactly where your money goes. That’s why we are transparent about how we use your money.

We promise that your donations support the children and young people who need rehabilitation.

How we use your donations



Covers the cost of 2 orthoses for the face and body

*(Monthly donation of $5 during a year)



Covers the cost of 3 First Aid cures financing the medical suplies required

*(Monthly donation of $7 during a year)



Covers the cost og 6 Medical appointments in pediatrics, surgery, physiatry, dermatology and others

*(Monthly donation of $15 during a year)



Covers the cost of 10 days of accomodation for patients and a parent or tutor staying at the residence campus

*(Monthly donation of $30 during a year)

2020 in numbers:

Was raised in 2020 and was given to COANIQUEM, meaning we continue our life-changing work with children and young people with burn injuries

With burn prevention campaigns on social media for children

“fire works no more” webinars with 50 attendees

Children and young people were treated last year for FREE in our Rehabilitation Centers

8 online seminars of Hospital Pedagogy with more than 100 attendees from 20 countries