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Children throughout Latin American who have suffered severe burns receive comprehensive rehabilitation treatment free of charge at COANIQUEM in Santiago, Chile. (COANIQUEM = Corporación de Ayuda al Niño Quemado) Service include reconstructive surgery, physical and occupational therapy, psychological services and education.


Each sponsor will receive progress reports, getting this way an update of the rehabilitation process

To sponsor a child you have the followings options

Full Treatment

Finance the cost for rehabilitation + room and board, education, and all necessary compression clothing

Medical Treatment

Finance the cost for rehabilitation

Medical Treatment Support

Finance the cost for room and board, education, and necessary compression clothing

6 Million Children

get burned in Latin America and The Caribbean each year.

After a child suffers a burn injury, the scar left by that burn does not allow his body to grow in the right way. Only a proper rehabilitation will enable that child to grow normally.

9 out of 10 children that get burned, were at home and in the presence of an adult.


1 out of 10 children that get burned will have a scar for the rest of their life.

7 out of 10 children with burn injuries, got burned before the age of 4.

COANIQUEM offers free and quality treatment for children and young people from Latin America and The Caribbean up to the age of 20.

Do you know a child or young person with severe burns?

At COANIQUEM they can receive free and specialized treatment for the rehabilitation of any type of scar.

Please consider

Children and teenagers

(20 years)

Free room and board

Hospital school available

Free air tickets may be available

Programs we support


In order to meet the needs of these young burn victims, COANIQUEM has pioneered an approach called “integrated healing».

Professional Training

One of the main objectives of COANIQUEM focuses on training professionals who work with children with burns in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Prevention is a major facet of COANIQUEM’s mission. There are numerous types of campaigns for adults and children.


COANIQUEM has incorporated scientific research, experimental development and innovation into its institutional objectives, in order to generate new scientific, technological and practical knowledge.




Patients treated in Chile and Latin America in 40 years.



Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean benefit from our international program.



Professional physicians from Latin America and The Caribbean have been trained in COANIQUEM.