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LilyHer name is Lily Cabrera. She has been working for 20 years in COANIQUEM in charge of the patient's medical records. Through her perseverance, dignity and resilience, Lily has been a great motivational example for the burned children, helping them to overcome adversity.

"My brother and I were alone at home when the paraffin heater turned over, starting a fire. I was 19 months old. My face, scalp, hands and feet got burned and i suffered the amputation of toes and fingers

I went through many surgical procedures and a long rehabilitation process; I actually lived in the hospital. Dr. Ricardo Ayala, one of the founds of COANIQEUM, treated me at Roverto del Rio Hospital. He recommended me to continue my rehabilitation in COANIQUEM, so I could have the best possible treatment.

I have always had full confidence in the doctors and the whole team. Thanks to their support and my faith in god, Ii was able to overcome difficulties and be the person I am happy to be. Despite all that I have been through, I am a lucky woman, grateful for my life and for how God Planned it. I think God gave me strength and wisdom.

Today, I would like to thank the sponsors of the burned children of COANIQUEM. Thanks to your help, they receive the rehabilitation treatment and education long with emotional and spiritual support. This is the kind of treatment I would like every child to have, so they can live a happy and fulfilling life. Your commitment and generosity make COANIQUEM's achievements possible. Again, thank for your help and God Bless you."

Download this story as a pdf, and you will also see a photo of Franco, one of our younger patients!

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